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April 25, 2004
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Now this is fast food by jesonite Now this is fast food by jesonite
^o^! YAY! final I got something done of the long list, =D this one is one of my very first color attempts on OC with a tablet.

This one's for Dey! X3 she made a kickass-funny-laugh-your-ass-out picture about me and her. ^^ [link] yeah! X3, ^^ and so I thought about a situation of what may possibly happen next..

and walla! =D female Jeso! ^^ I'ma name her.. =3 Jessy. Xb. ^^ otay. =3 the reason why I changed the fur colors ish that when I'm turned into a femme, I'm turned into a boxer. ^^ just like muh mom! ^.^ mom's a boxer, Jeso said!... =3 thanks Avencri over there for helping me out with the look, that potion makes miracles sometimes! ;3

OH YES!! PPL! =D that's DEY ovethere! ^^ she's so cute when she gets all psycho and stuff!

^o^!! SEEE! porfin hice un dibujo de la larga lista que tenia que hacer, este es uno de mis 1eros intento en tratar de colorear en OC con una tableta..

esta imagen es para DEY! X3 ella hizo una imagen bien mega ultra chingona para reirte hasta sacarte pedos de yo y ella! [link] SII! X3, y derepnte se me ocurrio algo de que podia pasar despues...

y WALLA! =D Jeso la Chamacona! ^^ le voy a poner.. =3 Jessy! X3. chale.. =3 la razon de porque le cambio el pelaje es porque cuando me convierten en mujer, me convierto en una boxer, ^^ asi como mi mama! =3 Mi mama es una boxer, dijo el Jeso. denle gracias a Avencri por haya por haberme ayudado con el lookaso, esa posima hace milagros devez en cuando! =3

^.^DEY! X3 colorea tu imagen, esta chidolira! X3 la quiero a color! plis!

AHH OIGAN! =3 esa es dey la que esta al otro lado! ^^ jeje se ve tan linda cuando se enoja!
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Good flippin' grief! XD
HA.... i know a show just like that its hilarous
"Yes, they're real! U jelly?"
hehe pink fire of doooom :D
Hahahaha.... Those are sooo real... XD... A really lovely picture you´ve drawn, absolutley lovely.
jesonite Dec 29, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
this is soooo cool, i love it, especially the pink 1, and just her whole pose lol . u said u did this on 'oc' may i ask what that is, bcous i really wnt 2 extend my art. i love pen and paper but it get a bit tedious sometimes lol. so cld u plz tell me what 'oc' is and how i get it. thankies and i love the pic WICKED COOL!!! lol XD
Cool picture.:)
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